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Looking for an easy fun way to encourage your child to try and eat new foods?


**Feeding challenges are a real struggle for many families and adding visual supports to help is the goal of our feeding collection. 


Roll the di (not provided with digital download version) and the goal is to only expect the number of bites that is rolled on the di to be consumed by your child. Allows for customization to ease your child's acceptance of eating new foods and gradually increase the number of bites they are taking of a new food. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


In total you will receive an 2 page PDF (1 Roll & Eat board, 1 instruction sheet).

Feeding Visuals

  • After your payment is confirmed you will receive an email with a link to  your PDF which will then allow you to download your 

    The materials you are purchasing are proteced by copyright and are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You are not authorized to resell for a profit and you are not allowed to hand out these files in any format, including digital or printed. 


    Files will be ready to print. Please ensure you select the file that suits your printer. Colors and quality may appear differently as a result of the printer used, paper and ink quality.

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