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Get to Know The Executive Director
& One Bite At A Time's Philosophy

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Theresa Bartholomew,


It's important to understand the long term impact feeding has on the child and their family and that the sooner support is given, the easier it will be long term. It's critical to change the thinking that it's just "picky eating" and the child will grow out of it. 

Not only does my experience come from clinical practice, it came from my own personal experiences. My own son experienced feeding challenges and after several trips to the hospital I felt hopeless. I had no choice and took my "mom" hat off and applied the same principles I used daily in my work, to help my own child. 

This gives me a unique understanding of the challenges each family faces and allows me to individualize a program grounded in research and geared towards long term success. 


Science, Collaboration, Individualization

My approach is rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis, meaning we use techniques, develop procedures, and apply them to socially significant behavior in effort to create observable change. 

Collaboration with your child's treatment team will be necessary to ensure proper program development, treatment initiation, and ongoing treatment. This collaboration allows me to address medical, oral-motor, sensory and behavioral factors in your child's feeding and factor them in, in the most effective way possible. 

I use a customized approach that is individualized for every client and because I limit the amount of clients I take, your child will get the individualized attention they need when they need. 

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Family Cooking
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Not Just Feeding

Feeding is my passion, however ABA can do so much more to facilitate positive behavior change.

In addition, to my experience with feeding, I have been providing behavioral intervention for children with autism, down's syndrome and other developmental diagnoses for over twenty five years. These programs included support for homework, morning/afternoon routines, toileting training, language development, conversation training, social skills and behavior reduction. My role is to help families who are seeking support and understanding in the behavior change process. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has established itself as an effective too across a variety of areas.  

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