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Parent training has been established as an effective tool to support and address feeding challenges. The Parent Meal Plan is designed to establish, generalize and maintain healthy eating habits in the home setting through parent education. 

One Bite's goal is to provide families with support to address their child's feeding challenges, through weekly education, homework and consultation. 

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How do get started

Schedule a twenty-minute phone screening to ensure the concern's you have regarding your child's feeding challenges, meet the criteria for participation in the Parent Meal Plan program



Once cleared through the screening process an in person (via face-to-face or via Telehealth) assessment will be completed. This assessment process is critical to ensure we are working within our scope of practice and identifying any possible collaboration that may need to take place.


meal plan implementation

The Parent Meal Plan program is a minimum 12 week program. The weekly sessions are 30-60 minutes in length and requires active participation from the parent(s). 


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Complete The Parent Meal Plan phone screening information below and we will send you a link to schedule your free 20 minute screening. 

Kid Eating Meal

Meal Plan Phone Screening

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